What is the book, When Souls Have Lips, about?

This book is about the unexpected and perplexing journey I found myself taking after my mother’s death. It’s said that about eight million people suffer through the death of someone in their immediate family each year, and many of them will find themselves unprepared to deal with the immobilizing grief and overwhelming sadness that follows such a loss. For me, losing my mother was a life changer. It took several months and one very savvy friend to remind me of what my heart and soul most needed to move beyond my devastation. And that’s when this amazing journey began.

On the back cover of your book it says, “Be prepared to discover the one thing the soul most desires.” What is that one thing?

The soul is perhaps the deepest and most mystical part of our being. Unlike the brain or the heart, the soul is invisible, yet it is the essence – the true makeup – of who we really are. I love that our brain thrives on thought, and our heart is the reservoir for love, leaving the soul craving for the one thing it most desires – constant joy.

Why did you write this book?

It took me 10 years to be able to talk about the loss of my mother. For so many sons and daughters, they understand Mothers are not just Moms; they are our best friend and the prime nurturer of our essence. One day a friend came to me and said, “I lost my Mom two years ago, and I haven’t stopped crying since. What’s wrong with me?” I realized in that moment that perhaps my story could inspire and help others. For me, escaping to the mountains and communing with the horses was a significant turning point. I learned to put myself at the top of my list again. I believe we all can replenish our souls with much needed joy. Our soul demands it.

Why did you choose the title, When Souls Have Lips?

Sitting still in a peaceful environment while focusing only on your breathing, silences the brain and engages the soul. When we intentionally listen to our soul’s true desires, or acknowledge intense gut feelings, who can deny the soul has lips? And on one silent day, the title was born.

Who do you feel will most benefit from reading your book? And why?

Anyone who wants to put joy back into his or her life. Many of today’s Baby Boomers are experiencing loss, whether it’s over children moving out, parents aging or dying, careers ending, bodies sagging, or finances tightening. Life does not take away from you without giving back something. It is your job to look for that new something.

If you could give people one or two reason to read your book, what would it be?

Our daily lives are filled with multiple obligations and responsibilities. This is reason enough to stop, breathe, and “do unto yourself because you deserve it.” In other words, take a break, just for you, and whether you soak in the tub behind locked doors or rock on the porch with a lap dog or cat, give yourself the gift of a page-turning read which will guide you to a welcomed place of reconnection and joy.